Citizen of Heaven

But our citizenship is in heaven. Philippians 3:20

The Bible does an amazing job of revealing God’ nature and his truths to us in ways we can understand. Consider this phrase “citizens of heaven”. The Bible clearly tells us in a number of places that we are citizens of heaven.

This year we will hold elections for the US President in November. Immigration and citizenship are issues that are important in the minds of many voters. Globally, financial issues in the European Union raise interesting questions about national sovereignty and maintaining membership in the “euro zone”. Human rights and civil liberty issues are still important around the world. In this the year 2012 the notion of “citizenship” is as relevant as it ever was.

We know quite a lot about citizenship: It has requirements. It brings certain rights and privileges. It entails certain obligations. Citizenship is not just geographical, as citizens can live abroad. Citizenship is often associated with birth, but can later be renounced. And that’s just a few simple aspects of citizenship that come to mind.

We are citizens of heaven. We can take our knowledge about citizenship, and apply it to being citizens of heaven–and thereby learn quite a lot about God and his kingdom, our relationship with him, and the life that he has given us to live.

This week the Real Life, Real Truth study I am leading will begin to examine what is involved in that phrase “citizen of heaven”. The class will be available in person Wednesday evenings in person at 7:00 pm at Mount of Olives Church in Mission Viejo, CA, and will also be available online in a live webinar on Thursday evenings at 9:00 pm PST.

For more information about the class, visit or follow us on Twitter @reallifestudy.

I plan to also blog about some highlights here.

Praise God that he has made us citizens of heaven, and has given us such a clear and poignant phrase to help us understand him and the life he has given us.


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